XSPOC 3.1 Release Notes

Advanced Setpoint Optimization

XSPOC 3.1.0 brings great strides and improvements in setpoint recommendations and ushers in the very first iteration of autonomous setpoint optimization. With the goal of protecting sucker rod pumping equipment without triggering unnecessary shutdowns, XSPOC V3.1.0 brings advanced setpoint optimization algorithms that have the flexibility to be implemented at the user’s discretion. Users have the option of placing individual setpoints for all rod pump wells in one of three modes: none, recommend, or autonomous. Want XSPOC to control your setpoints automatically? Simply highlight the desired wells/setpoints and click configure and set the mode to autonomous. Still on the fence about letting a program update setpoints automatically? Leave the setpoints in recommend-only mode and choose to implement the recommendations that look the most important and accurate. Not using that setpoint to control the well? Simply highlight, click configure and set to none. XSPOC 3.1.0 is bringing advanced algorithms built to optimize several setpoints in many applications with flexible configurations to give all users the ability to optimize setpoints within their comfort zone.

Autonomous Idle Time Setpoint Optimization

One of the most advanced and exciting algorithms in 3.1.0 is the autonomous idle time setpoint optimization. Autonomous idle time setpoint optimization allows users to place as many wells as they would like into fully autonomous control of the idle time setpoint. This allows XSPOC to modulate the idle time and look for the idle time that allows the well to cycle the fewest number of times without losing production. This maximizes production without having excessive incomplete pump fillage strokes that are damaging to the downhole equipment. The idle time optimization algorithm along with the many other setpoint optimization algorithms gives XSPOC users the freedom to work on the more nuanced and challenging problems with the peace of mind knowing that expert algorithms are keeping wells operating optimally.

In addition to the new features detailed above, the XSPOC 3.1.0 release also includes several other features, improvements, and bug fixes. Users can easily sort the fields to view specific details or use the search navigation to look up items based on specific keywords.

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