XSPOC 3.2 Release Notes

What’s new in 3.2.0 Build (128-5895)

(Released on: May 3, 2022)

New Feature(s)

  • XS-8346 Add setpoint optimization changes to the data history so the data can be viewed in the Setpoint Optimization History screen
  • XS-7873 Added 24-hour waiting period for setpoint optimization task after it is determined that no change will be necessary for 24 hours
  • XS-7840 Added gas lift operating points to the Gas Lift Analysis screen
  • XS-7789 Facility Tag Configuration: Added UI support for calculated tags
  • XS-7740 Added granularity to the performance curve on the Gas Lift Analysis screen to improve accuracy of gas lift economics
  • XS-7697 Added the ability for users to toggle ESP analysis On or Off depending on the desired level of monitoring and optimization
  • XS-7696 Added the ability for users to toggle Gas Lift analysis On or Off depending on the desired level of monitoring and optimization
  • XS-7556 Added the ability for XSPOC to determine the optimal gas injection rate based on the economic impact for the corresponding liquid production rate
  • XS-7450 Well Status: Added flowline pressure display based on PST
  • XS-7361 Well Tree Filter: New feature that allows a filter to be applied to well groups
  • XS-7287 Improved the filter option in the Setpoint Optimization Control Center to maintain the last used filter
  • XS-7041 Added information to Setpoint Optimization screen to help users understand why algorithms are unable to run for wells based on missing historical data
  • XS-6843 Added algorithm to autonomously control and optimize VFD setpoints for rod pump wells


  • XS-8718 Card Viewer: Added ability to manually enter number of live cards to collect
  • XS-8588 Log Files: Admin Lite role can now access log files
  • XS-8530 Improved the Setpoint Optimization Controller Center to display wells with recent setpoint optimization changes
  • XS-8505 Improved the Setpoint Optimization Control Center to only allow enrollment in VFD Setpoint Optimization where the optimization is relevant
  • XS-8468 Facility Tag Configuration: Added support for display of state text instead of raw value
  • XS-8444 Improved icons in Setpoint Optimization Control Center to reduce blurriness when highlighted
  • XS-8278 Added screen to view history of setpoint optimization changes from the XSPOC autonomous control
  • XS-8244 Improved tubing leak classification for rod pump wells
  • XS-8169 Custom Pumping Units: Well Admin role can now update the Unit Type¬†
  • XS-8093 Changed maximum idle time default threshold to 150 minutes
  • XS-8033 Improved controller trends screen to allow trends to graph on multiple y-axes
  • XS-7830 Improved injection pressure curve coloring to make the curve more easily visible to users
  • XS-7784 Integration Jobs: Allow better scheduling control by using an appended number (IntegrateDataImport-5 will only run import with ID=5)
  • XS-7754 Data VIew: Now supports ODBC connection strings
  • XS-7619 Database screen: Allow retention of selected tables when re-opening based on user
  • XS-7553 Database screen: Show the number of records displayed
  • XS-7415 Well Tree: Added a list of recently selected wells to improve navigation
  • XS-7402 Improve setpoint optimization phrasing to give users more information on the actions being taken by the autonomous setpoint optimization feature
  • XS-7401 Improved the workflow for the Setpoint Optimization Control Center and Configuration screens to allow users to highlight and right click and enroll wells in setpoint optimization
  • XS-7398 Improved the Setpoint Optimization Control Center tool bar to reflect more modern look and feel and match the Classification Dashboard toolbar
  • XS-7397 Added the ability to run idle time setpoint optimization on wells in surface control mode
  • XS-7392 Improved the highlight functionality in the Setpoint Optimization screen to be able to start on rows that are already highlighted
  • XS-7391 Improved the user interface in the Asset Configuration screen to show change when setpoint is marked for optimization
  • XS-7163 Added logging in the asset notes for when wells are opted out of setpoint optimization
  • XS-7139 Improved the VFD setpoint optimization algorithm to be able to convert SPM values into Hz
  • XS-7113 Added Parameter Standard Types to SMARTEN and LUFKIN controller maps to allow VFD setpoint optimization to work across controller types
  • XS-7019 Improved Setpoint Optimization Control Center to show a loading indicator while data is being loaded in the screen
  • XS-6983 Improved ESP Analysis screen to show entire pump curve in cases where the pump curve wasn’t fully displaying

Bug Fix(es)

  • XS-9008 Animations: Eliminate duplicate videos
  • XS-8971 Failure Analysis: Fixed issue with bottom of window being cutoff in certain screen settings
  • XS-8857 Host Alarm: Fixed issue with updating and refreshing alarm¬† configuration
  • XS-8766 Fixed issue where the Setpoint Optimization Control Center leaves selected row after the screen is refreshed
  • XS-8607 Fixed port size and PPEF for Weatherford 16/64″ gas lift valve
  • XS-8259 Fixed issue where critical velocity lines were not drawing to the top of screen in Gas Lift Analysis
  • XS-8092 Run Status: PCS Plunger lift well mode label improvements
  • XS-8091 History Graph: Graph uses midnight of current day for end of graph to handle time zone differences between client and server
  • XS-7929 Group Status: Fixed problem with adding Facility Tag Alarm column
  • XS-7912 Morning Reports: Allow scheduling of additional report times with Print Morning Reports 2, 3, and 4 names


New Discovered Issues

  • None at this time.