XSPOC 3.1 Release Notes

Advanced Setpoint Optimization

XSPOC 3.1.0 brings great strides and improvements in setpoint recommendations and ushers in the very first iteration of autonomous setpoint optimization. With the goal of protecting sucker rod pumping equipment without triggering unnecessary shutdowns, XSPOC V3.1.0 brings advanced setpoint optimization algorithms that have the flexibility to be implemented at the user’s discretion. Users have the option of placing individual setpoints for all rod pump wells in one of three modes: none, recommend, or autonomous. Want XSPOC to control your setpoints automatically? Simply highlight the desired wells/setpoints and click configure and set the mode to autonomous. Still on the fence about letting a program update setpoints automatically? Leave the setpoints in recommend-only mode and choose to implement the recommendations that look the most important and accurate. Not using that setpoint to control the well? Simply highlight, click configure and set to none. XSPOC 3.1.0 is bringing advanced algorithms built to optimize several setpoints in many applications with flexible configurations to give all users the ability to optimize setpoints within their comfort zone.

Autonomous Idle Time Setpoint Optimization

One of the most advanced and exciting algorithms in 3.1.0 is the autonomous idle time setpoint optimization. Autonomous idle time setpoint optimization allows users to place as many wells as they would like into fully autonomous control of the idle time setpoint. This allows XSPOC to modulate the idle time and look for the idle time that allows the well to cycle the fewest number of times without losing production. This maximizes production without having excessive incomplete pump fillage strokes that are damaging to the downhole equipment. The idle time optimization algorithm along with the many other setpoint optimization algorithms gives XSPOC users the freedom to work on the more nuanced and challenging problems with the peace of mind knowing that expert algorithms are keeping wells operating optimally.

In addition to the new features detailed above, the XSPOC 3.1.0 release also includes several other features, improvements, and bug fixes. Users can easily sort the fields to view specific details or use the search navigation to look up items based on specific keywords.

Issue TypeIssue keyFix versions BuildNote
BugXS-80423.1.0Fixed typo in peak load information on setpoint optimization screen
BugXS-80163.1.0Fixed issue with Group screens failing with unexpected parent groups
BugXS-79833.1.03-1-0-43-5081Fixed issue with DoNotCarryForwardIfBadCom System Parameter interfering with Get Daily Data task
BugXS-79513.1.03-1-0-43-5081Fixed Clip Files creating high CPU usage
BugXS-79033.1.03-1-0-43-5081Fixed Facility Well Control task not resetting flags
BugXS-78763.1.03-1-0-43-5081Fixed ESP analysis error when bubble point pressure is null
BugXS-78753.1.03-1-0-43-5081Fixed error with pressure traverse when using downhole gauge in GL analysis
BugXS-78503.1.03-1-0-43-5081Added Lufkin counterweights
BugXS-78363.1.03-1-0-43-5081Root cause failure options now displaying correctly in Failure History
BugXS-78163.1.03-1-0-43-5081Fixed exception in rod lift analysis when unexpected data is present
BugXS-77393.1.03-1-0-43-5081Fixed critical flow rate calculation when excluding injected gas in well test data
BugXS-77173.0.03-1-0-43-5081Fixed is with new driver for with bit packed registers in Facility Tags
BugXS-76923.1.03-1-0-43-5081Fixed group caching task for setpoint optimization screen when group data is incorrect
ImprovementXS-76903.1.03-1-0-43-5081Added multi-threading support for XDIAG analysis
New FeatureXS-76113.1.03-1-0-43-5081Implemented initial start mode for idle time setpoint optimization on upgrade
ImprovementXS-76013.1.03-1-0-43-5081Moved uplift opportunity to bottom of XDIAG analysis output
ImprovementXS-75803.1.03-1-0-43-5081Added Weatherford Rotaflex pumping units
ImprovementXS-75463.1.03-1-0-43-5081Improved trend loading performance on trend analytics screen
ImprovementXS-75393.1.03-1-0-43-5081Added lock column to Analytics Trend Types table
BugXS-75253.1.03-1-0-43-5081Fixed status switching on Peak and Minimum Load Setpoint Optimization
ImprovementXS-75133.1.03-1-0-43-5081Updated stroke length for Shores Lifting Solutions C-320-305-120
New FeatureXS-74993.1.03-1-0-43-5081Implemented Min and Max Load Setpoint Optimization for Weatherford Well Pilot
ImprovementXS-74953.1.03-1-0-43-5081Added loading indicator to Trend Analytics screen
BugXS-74853.1.03-1-0-43-5081Fixed exception for saving gas rate in metric units on Well Configuration
BugXS-74623.1.03-1-0-43-5081Fixed error with Setpoint Optimization when too many parameters were implemented
ImprovementXS-73903.1.03-1-0-43-5081Added a border to the pop-out screen in Setpoint Optimization screen
ImprovementXS-73363.1.03-1-0-43-5081Added filtering options to group Setpoint Optimization screen
New FeatureXS-71073.1.03-1-0-43-5081Added icons for mode in Setpoint Optimization screen
New FeatureXS-71053.1.03-1-0-43-5081Added functionality to enroll wells in autonomous and recommend modes
BugXS-70973.1.03-1-0-43-5081Fixed typo in phase shift phrasing on Setpoint Optimization screen
ImprovementXS-70473.1.03-1-0-43-5081Added significant figures to Peak and Minimum load Setpoint Optimization changes
New FeatureXS-70353.1.03-1-0-43-5081Implemented functionality to allow users to switch between Recommend and Autonomous Setpoint Optimization
ImprovementXS-70003.1.03-1-0-43-5081Improved verbiage for base fill Setpoint Optimization information
New FeatureXS-69653.1.03-1-0-43-5081Added enhanced service status and control capabilities from Tools menu
BugXS-69503.1.03-1-0-43-5081Improved dependability of label when hovering over data points on History Graph
ImprovementXS-69453.1.03-1-0-43-5081Added downhole cards to Sample Live Strokes feature for controllers that support it in the Card Viewer
New FeatureXS-69363.1.03-1-0-43-5081Improved logging for Setpoint Optimization
ImprovementXS-69043.1.03-1-0-43-5081Added Aggie Tech pumping unit
ImprovementXS-68953.1.03-1-0-43-5081Added new causes for ESPs in Failure History
BugXS-68933.1.03-1-0-43-5081Updated Well Config to allow up to 50 characters for AdHocGroup fields
BugXS-68703.1.03-1-0-43-5081Fixed problem with display of data from a redirected tag in Facility Status
ImprovementXS-68593.1.03-1-0-43-5081Added new feature to allow remote data to be visualized inside of XSPOC under Data View
New FeatureXS-67673.1.03-1-0-43-5081Added Mobile Push Notifications functionality for controllers alarms (already provided for host alarms)
BugXS-67383.1.03-1-0-43-5081Fixed error in IPR tab when well test duration is 0
New FeatureXS-67283.1.03-1-0-43-5081Added support for Malfunction Setpoint Optimization
ImprovementXS-67043.1.03-1-0-43-5081Improved verbiage for GL Analysis injection depth
New FeatureXS-66823.1.03-1-0-43-5081Added support for Autonomous Idle Time Setpoint Optimization
New FeatureXS-66593.1.03-1-0-43-5081Added support for Minimum Pump Strokes Setpoint Optimization
New FeatureXS-66323.1.03-1-0-43-5081Added ability to collect and display minute data for SPM and On/Offs for Smarten and Lufkin controllers within History Graph
New FeatureXS-66213.1.03-1-0-43-5081Improved Sampling Live Strokes for Smarten controller in Card Viewer
New FeatureXS-65853.1.03-1-0-43-5081Improved pump fillage Setpoint Optimization for wells with gas interference
BugXS-65743.0.03-1-0-43-5081Fixed scaling issues with HP curve in ESP analysis when wells are running on variable frequency
New FeatureXS-65443.1.03-1-0-43-5081Added calculated pump intake pressure to FBHP on IPR curve for SRP wells
ImprovementXS-64183.1.03-1-0-43-5081Improved performance on GL Analysis and Well Configuration screens
New FeatureXS-63723.1.03-1-0-43-5081Added Max Frequency calculation to ESP Analysis
New FeatureXS-63713.1.03-1-0-43-5081Added Motor Loading calculation to ESP Analysis
New FeatureXS-62513.1.03-1-0-43-5081Improved Gas Injection Depth calculation for GL Analysis
New FeatureXS-59703.1.03-1-0-43-5081Added support for trending Valve Status for GL wells