Application Enhancements:

    • Host alarms can now be configured to send push notifications to your mobile device. By supporting push notifications, you can see what happens when it happens for just one host and launch your mobile app from the notification.
    • For troubleshooting a crash of our desktop client, you can send the report directly to our teams with a click of a button.
    • For our group builder you now can add the operational score through our interface saving you time by avoiding having to go directly to the database for your adjustment.
    • Host alarms configuration can now be applied across wells in a group thereby avoiding tedious one at a time configuration for common host alarms.
    • XSPOC now support reading, processing and storing historically the fluid level shot data for the Greenshot controller.
    • If you clone facility tags and have found this to be difficult doing them one by one, you are able to clone multiples at once.
    • The addition of a staging table to decrease processing time when inserting large amounts of data into the data history table from devices.

    Gas Lift Enhancements:

    • Added Duns & Ros multiphase flow correlation.
    • XSPOC now has additional performance curve for flowing bottom hole pressure allowing another way to maximize your production at a glance.
    • Adjustment factors for valve and orifice critical velocities have been added for more accurate analysis of your equipment.
    • The nodal analysis chart now shows the GLR / IPR intersection points in the analysis.
    • Now supported, down hole pressure gauges.

    Electric Submersible Pump Enhancements:

    • You can now add custom pump by series and model. Type search for ESP equipment lists to select the proper equipment quickly.

    For the full list of all issues and features added to this version please download the PDF.


    [XS-3893] – AL – Address problems in the Beggs and Brill Multiphase Flow Correlation

    [XS-4306] – GL – Allow user to save half-configured valves in Well Config

    [XS-4623] – Changing Name of Node Causes Client Crash

    [XS-4685] – AL – null reference exception in client

    [XS-4714] – GL – update incorrect reference to MathNet.Numerics

    [XS-4780] – Rod guide inputs are not displayed consistently in well config

    [XS-4783] – Only one conditional format can be saved per column in group status

    [XS-4854] – ESP – Pressure Profile does not reset after analyzing a failed well test

    [XS-4867] – IPR Tab – Well test deselection unintuitive with pinned well tests

    [XS-4906] – Build number is often zero

    [XS-4918] – PCSF Adding a new slave Node (well 3) by cloning well2 causes two “+” in the address.

    [XS-4935] – IPR – Flowrate in m^3/d causes bad scaling on the graph

    [XS-4947] – Overwriting a host alarm sometimes retains limits of overwritten alarm

    [XS-4975] – Move PCSFPlugin (Albatross) back to XSPOC V2.8.0

    [XS-5002] – Host alarms window toolbar enabled/disabled logic is inconsistent

    [XS-5020] – AL – Telerik chart legend not always readable on analysis screen

    [XS-5023] – IPR – Static Bottomhole Pressure disappears

    [XS-5024] – IPR – Adding new well test crashes tab

    [XS-5049] – PCSF Plugin Sensor ignore not reading on Controller Setup tab ALM (2711)

    [XS-5050] – PCSF Plugin Can’t connect to ALM master (2703)

    [XS-5055] – PCSF Plugin History Tab logs System.Argument Exception (2705)

    [XS-5067] – AL – Tubing Pipe Quality factor defaults are missing

    [XS-5070] – PCSF Plugin System setup buttons not working under Gas lift in ALM (2730)

    [XS-5079] – ESP – Pressure Profile is not localized

    [XS-5081] – AL – Make sure that cloning ESP and GL updates all fields

    [XS-5085] – Launching RODSTAR from XSPOC always populates motor information as “non-detent”

    [XS-5090] – Failure Analysis crashes client when navigating tree with ‘Well’ tab selected.

    [XS-5091] – Failure Analysis doesn’t update the Failure Type list automatically.

    [XS-5095] – Pareto chart points should be at midpoint of the column

    [XS-5101] – Use the same production data from IPR and Production Point in GL Analysis

    [XS-5120] – XSPOC Deviation Plot Survey Not Displaying Correctly

    [XS-5122] – GL – Pressure Profile’s Performance curve runs off the end of the graph

    [XS-5126] – AL – Analysis task crashes with bad datasets

    [XS-5131] – Rod size-matching logic may mismatch if the true match doesn’t exist

    [XS-5136] – IPR – Scaling of the graph can be incorrect with only one well test selected

    [XS-5137] – IPR – tab wants to save when you only toggle well tests

    [XS-5140] – Set Permissions for Failure Edit Screen

    [XS-5141] – Only require asset and failure date to save failure

    [XS-5143] – GL – Estimate injection depth doesn’t use converted PSI in one case

    [XS-5152] – XDIAG Fluid Level Should not report as Zero in the history graph when it is unable to calculate FLAP

    [XS-5157] – It seems that the TaskScheduler is creating log files with Long random names.

    [XS-5159] – GL – Nodal analysis axis is blue, should be black

    [XS-5161] – Issue with User IDs not having the right defaults

    [XS-5162] – Document Tables that support custom ranges in XSPOC

    [XS-5164] – GL – The GLR curves are always generated using the default pressure traverse

    [XS-5171] – GL – Input source Legend cut off at bottom of GL Analysis screen

    [XS-5176] – ESP – Display issue with axis when running analysis and unselecting test

    [XS-5179] – ESP – Toggling on and off curve visibility fails between well tests

    [XS-5180] – AL – Ribbon is not localized for ESP / GL specific widgets

    [XS-5181] – Card Viewer is blank when initially Floating the form

    [XS-5187] – Group Status error when SurfaceAnalysis column is added

    [XS-5200] – AL – When localizing XSPOC with analysis open, crash occurs

    [XS-5212] – Operational Score change Down Oil to Down Production

    [XS-5213] – Facility Tag Status Screen Displays Slowly

    [XS-5214] – The GL Equipment tab has a red underline with valid data.

    [XS-5219] – GL – Exception when saving new survey dates

    [XS-5243] – Failure History – Total Cost not loaded when modifying failure

    [XS-5244] – Exception Window – Support Email Address is incorrect

    [XS-5245] – NullReferenceException when saving well config without IPR

    [XS-5246] – Host Alarm group replication doesn’t overwrite config values

    [XS-5247] – Host Alarm group replication throws exception when cloning facility tags

    [XS-5248] – Host Alarm group replication calculation incorrect when multiple alarms for a specific parameter

    [XS-5256] – Group status PDF export does not support data brought in via SQL view

    [XS-5284] – Revert XDIAG code to reference prior working version.

    [XS-5285] – ESP – GasSpecificGravitySource specified twice in tblESPAnalysisResults

    [XS-5290] – AL – Horizontal scroll bar on Measurements Tab

    [XS-5301] – IRP Calculated Gauge not recalculating on data change.

    [XS-5302] – IPR – Update phrase 6425

    [XS-5303] – GL – Pressure operating point on analysis

    [XS-5310] – Backup Database task fails if it takes longer than 60 minutes

    [XS-5329] – Fix in consistent failing unit test TestGLAnalysisOutputCalculation in Theta.Server

    [XS-5338] – Cherry pick XS-5160 Status registers not displaying for custom POC with ApplicationID 6) into 2.9.0

    [XS-5343] – Create unit test for 10 FBHPCurves

    [XS-5344] – Remove extra unselectinglistbox

    [XS-5345] – IPR – Unsupported correlation should not run calcs

    [XS-5367] – GL – Orifice port size could be fraction

    [XS-5368] – GL – Operating Point shouldn’t take adjusted gross rate

    [XS-5369] – GL – Disable Unstable phrase for orifices

    [XS-5370] – GL – Thornhill-Craver update

    [XS-5373] – IPR – Prevent chart from updating when value changes for unselected option

    [XS-5387] – GL – Configuration screen does not load when using 2.9.0 client and 2.10.0 DB

    [XS-5398] – Analysis Data not saving with a view in history graph

    [XS-5401] – Group Status is blank for a new user – no view selected

    [XS-5410] – Well Notes Report Only Displays Date

    [XS-5411] – Beggs and Brill Pressure Drop Plot spike in flowing bottomhole pressure curve

    [XS-5419] – Allow for Fluid Level From Surface (All Fluid Levels) to have a note associated with each input on the Measurements Screen

    [XS-5425] – Fluid Level notes on Measurements tab not saving properly

    [XS-5429] – Remove “Dead” PCSF Plugin code from the XSPOC Plugin Repsitory

    [XS-5435] – spProcessTblDataHistoryStaging procedure has extra statements

    [XS-5456] – Well test import started failing without a reason.

    [XS-5464] – AL – Lower Case Well Tests crashes Well Config

    [XS-5474] – tblApplicationParamStandardTypes needs to be fixed in master database, dbMods and DataLoads

    [XS-5477] – Conversion issue with config screen asking to save when localizing

    [XS-5481] – tblEspSeals is created with columns out of order on a new install.

    [XS-5486] – Fix usage of ServiceFactory in push notifications task, service

    [XS-5487] – GL – IPR set to downhole gauge, doesn’t run calculation

    [XS-5491] – Remove ‘Send push on well shutdown’ checkbox from Alarm Actions tab in Node Config

    [XS-5492] – Don’t add the PushNotification task entry to the scheduler and disable it if it exists.

    [XS-5495] – Plunger well status screen displays wrong screen when double-clicking on the controller box.

    [XS-5496] – DataLoads fails when tblParameters has existing ParamStandardType on different address from master

    [XS-5497] – Injection Flow Rate on Well Status Not getting converted to metric Units

    [XS-5499] – GL – IPR Curve and the Nodal Analysis tabs are not getting converted to Metric Units

    [XS-5501] – GL – Production rate being calculated in BPD when using metric units in GL

    [XS-5502] – GL – Units Scale Incorrectly on Pressure Profile tab in Metric

    [XS-5516] – AL – Update UI references to Gage

    [XS-5537] – SMARTEN Controller – Cannot Write SetPoints From Card Viewer When In Surface Control Mode

    [XS-5562] – Reset Clock, Constant Run, % Timer or POC actions not working from asset status screen

    [XS-5570] – GL – EFM TotalFlow G4 Master ( POCType 44 ) can’t be analyzed

    [XS-5601] – PCSF Comm: Plugin SWC Getting error trying to read F4,R49,D3.

    [XS-5606] – PCSF Comm: Check for GasLift Register is not complete.

    [XS-5640] – PCSF Comm: Found Typo in Server MWC Register list.

    [XS-5785] – facility status : stateid from facility tag is no longer working

    [XS-5833] – Facility Status query timeout on large group of assets

    [XS-5834] – Facility Status unnecessary group query initially executes when an asset is selected

    [XS-5835] – Facility Status does not show the individual host alarm for a facility tag.

    [XS-5836] – Facility Status – need to be able to acknowledge host alarms

    [XS-5841] – Configure host alarms from Facility Status should only load current asset’s alarms

    [XS-5845] – Concho – Creating Host Alarms Crashes Client With Custom POCType

    [XS-5847] – Change phrases used in Host Alarms notifications

    [XS-5855] – Host alarms deleting alarms when adding new ones

    [XS-5890] – stateid text not showing up in group status with facility tag

    [XS-5932] – StateID with ParamStandardTypes in group status – update to XS-5890


    [XS-5315] – Create a process to insert into data history table from staging table

    [XS-5316] – Create a process to remove items from the staging table.

    [XS-5421] – GLSupportLibraryTests – Break out test cases.

    [XS-5433] – Update ProcessDataHistoryStaging scheduled task to run by default on install.

    [XS-5434] – Update task ProcessDataHistoryStaging sql timeout value to 1 hour.

    New Feature

    [XS-4414] – Add PCSF PAGL Registers to XSPOC database

    [XS-4416] – Add PAGL Tab View to XSPOC Client

    [XS-4419] – GL – Tie in downhole gage data onto analysis graphs and equipment

    [XS-4571] – Override default screen for individual assets

    [XS-4575] – Allow plugins to be placed on other tabs

    [XS-4668] – IPR – Support dynamic model for IPR curve

    [XS-4669] – GL – Add tab to GL Analysis for nodal analysis

    [XS-4671] – GL – Condense survey curves on Well Config

    [XS-4676] – AL – Support CurveSets in XSPOC

    [XS-4681] – Store fluid level shot data historically

    [XS-4682] – Display Greenshot fluid level shot data in XSPOC

    [XS-4717] – Add automatic crash reporting to XSPOC error window

    [XS-4763] – GL – Annotate and colorize the FBHP curves on the nodal analysis tab

    [XS-4764] – GL – Add the Nodal Analysis tab to the Analysis screen’s scaling feature

    [XS-4776] – Add option to show all host alarm limits on history graph

    [XS-4784] – Support replication of host alarms to all wells in group

    [XS-4839] – Collect fluid Level Shot Data

    [XS-4877] – GL – Use Bottomhole Pressure Gage data for analysis

    [XS-4891] – Add failures view to group status

    [XS-4892] – GL – Add new MFC Duns & Ros

    [XS-4893] – ESP – Support Pump Discharge pressure sensor data in analysis

    [XS-4901] – Convert Facility Tag Clone Screen to Telerik

    [XS-4903] – Allow for cloning multiple facility tags at once

    [XS-4911] – IPR -change color on selected well test

    [XS-4913] – GL – the Analysis Icon on ribbon is same as ESP Analysis

    [XS-4920] – IPR – Ability to read Bubblepoint Pressure as an analysis default

    [XS-4922] – GL – show casing and tubing pressure gauge above wellbore diagram in analysis

    [XS-4924] – ESP – Support inputting and displaying Pump Discharge Pressure Sensor data

    [XS-4925] – IPR – update “From Sensor” for FBHP to be calculated / adjusted

    [XS-4996] – AL – Integrate the Duns & Ros MFC into XSPOC

    [XS-4997] – AL – Update how Measurements Tab handles required for analysis inputs

    [XS-5059] – Convert Failure Analysis Chart to Telerik

    [XS-5119] – ESP – Persist tornado curves

    [XS-5128] – AL – Show informational message for tubing roughness when tubing diameter is missing

    [XS-5134] – GL – set the zoom scale on the Performance Curves

    [XS-5147] – GL – Add the FBHP at midperf depth curve to the Pressure Profile

    [XS-5279] – ESP – Add more fields to equipment database

    [XS-5280] – ESP – Improve searching in ESP Equipment fields

    [XS-5321] – Allow configuration of host alarms to send mobile Push notifications

    [XS-5340] – Web Services: Create push for shutowns

    [XS-5342] – ESP – Give ability to add Series & Model for custom pump

    [XS-5459] – Support AppleDeviceToken-PushID combo in Web Services

    [XS-5727] – ESP – support 6th coefficient for pumps

    [XS-5893] – HMI Plugin Development


    [XS-5375] – ESP – Investigate Concho Well Performance Curves

    [XS-5468] – ESP – update ESP equipment database from spreadsheet

    [XS-5485] – Troubleshoot Concho scheduler

    [XS-5927] – Update Master Database for tblESPPumps


    [XS-4679] – Optimize performance of the ESP well status screen

    [XS-4712] – Group Status View Does Not Display Red For Facility Tag Alarms

    [XS-4720] – Add Load VFD 1440 Speed to Lufkin 2.0 Controller Trends

    [XS-4740] – Make PCSF Communication return the CommStatus much like the EFM currently does.

    [XS-4760] – Laredo has requested that our Flow-Cal Export match the Totalflow Flow-Cal Export.

    [XS-4762] – Improvements to the report provided by ESP analysis

    [XS-4766] – Modify logging to limit file size and keep a limited number of previous log files

    [XS-4772] – Implement the History Graph showing on the ESP report

    [XS-4774] – Improvement for ESP Report

    [XS-4779] – Allow for configuring host alarm limits for all supported trends in history graph

    [XS-4781] – Move measurements tab to the right of Downhole Equipment tab in well config

    [XS-4787] – Enable sorting on user security screen table

    [XS-4788] – Configure exception group functionality in group builder

    [XS-4830] – COG: Allow for FLAP to have a note associated with each input

    [XS-4835] – COG: Eliminate the use of yellow color to draw cards (too hard to see when overlaying cards)

    [XS-4836] – COG: More simple method of delaying dialer callouts (using number of consecutive scans)

    [XS-4844] – Implement Phase Shift corrections

    [XS-4845] – Fix sensitivities on load cell correction

    [XS-4846] – Clean up XDIAG analysis message box

    [XS-4864] – GL& ESP – Update Tubing Pipe Quality Factor control

    [XS-4881] – Add more date inputs to failure history for failure recovery timeline

    [XS-4882] – Only show total cost per failure in failure history screen

    [XS-4883] – Include a column for cause in General Well failure screen

    [XS-4884] – Add bar chart option to failure analysis screen

    [XS-4885] – Reformat x-axis labels on failure analysis graph

    [XS-4887] – Tracking failures for all forms of artificial lift and facilities

    [XS-4899] – ESP – verify GasVolumeFactor on ESP Analysis after GL App epic merge

    [XS-4915] – AL – Update Tubing Roughness display

    [XS-4919] – AL – Add colors to values on Measurements Tab

    [XS-4927] – Extract Presenter from Failure Edit Form in the client

    [XS-4934] – Longer scroll box for the Rods list in Well Configuration

    [XS-4940] – ESP – When no well tests are selected, remove all legend items

    [XS-4959] – PCSF Plugin requires 34 seconds to open the initial screen.

    [XS-4960] – The PCSF Plugin Configuration screen is not correctly attached to the PCSF Plugin screen.

    [XS-4969] – Update PCSFPlugin sources to ‘Albatross’ release

    [XS-4972] – IPR – Keep track of system defaults on IPR tab

    [XS-4974] – Include Company ID number when cloning wells

    [XS-5028] – IPR – Decouple the IPR curves from ApplicationId

    [XS-5053] – Add Operational Score to Group Builder

    [XS-5087] – Print Report From Group Status WIll Only Print Horizontal

    [XS-5092] – Failure Analysis SQL code should be moved to XSPOC Common.

    [XS-5102] – AL – resize controls in Measurements Tab

    [XS-5116] – Stop setting default Latitude/Longitude of wells to South Dakota

    [XS-5117] – Improve Down Oil Calculation in Operational Scoreboard

    [XS-5127] – AL – Finish implementing ColorUtility.GetColorForIndex

    [XS-5135] – IPR – make it more obvious that you unpin test on double click

    [XS-5155] – GL – Change the GLR step size for performance curves

    [XS-5175] – GL – Equipment tab redraws too often

    [XS-5178] – AL – communication between Well Config tabs

    [XS-5198] – Change name of Genesis to SMARTEN

    [XS-5241] – SMARTEN issue changes were made to 2.10.0, not 2.9.0

    [XS-5251] – Integrate latest XDIAG DLL into 2.9.0

    [XS-5305] – Status Registers Not Working With All ApplicationID’s

    [XS-5312] – Create staging table for data history data from a scan.

    [XS-5313] – Create a process to insert into the staging table.

    [XS-5314] – Create a process to pull from the staging table

    [XS-5334] – On – Off Cycles, Last 1440 removed?

    [XS-5354] – Update the process that inserts into the data history table to the data history staging table.

    [XS-5377] – Update XSScannerL to insert into staging table

    [XS-5390] – Change SID

    [XS-5399] – GL – Adding System Parameter to allow safety factor on Valve Critical Velocity Calcualtions

    [XS-5403] – GL – Need to include the NODAL Analysis chart in the diagnostic report printout

    [XS-5415] – Add CompanyID column to dbMods

    [XS-5417] – Null PushEnabled field causing alarms to be sent repeatedly

    [XS-5460] – Filter push notification recipients based on whether they have access to the alarming node

    [XS-5506] – Implement “server” parameter for push notifications

    [XS-5518] – ESP – field out HP, AMP, VOLT

    [XS-5536] – Accomodate HH:MM:SS format in setpoints and group status

    [XS-5547] – Web Services: Add GetPushID logic for Host Alarms

    [XS-5588] – Create SearchAllDescendants workaround for push notifications

    [XS-5599] – Bypass SearchAllDescendants error in PushNotificationService

    [XS-5600] – Cherry-pick Field Map issues XS-5427 and XS-5534 into 2.9.0

    [XS-5612] – DataLoads still failing with duplicate ParamStandardTypes in tblParameters.

    [XS-5615] – GL-Change name in Performance curve legend for Coleman Crit Flowrate

    [XS-5616] – GL-The Pressure Performance curve needs to be added to the analysis plot

    [XS-5619] – ESP – Add additional pumps for OVM

    [XS-5630] – IPR – Use same step size as analysis


    [XS-4931] – Create Failure Reason Domain Service

    [XS-4932] – Create Failure Cause Domain Service

    [XS-5006] – XSPOC won’t build unless Visual Studio 2015 is installed