Bug Fixes

[XS-5663] – Edit RenameNodeID.sql Script To Update The Name Field In tblFacilityTags

[XS-5677] – IPR – Tab crash on POCType 72 || 74 ( Plunger Lift )

[XS-5685] – Analysis buttons enabled when no well test selected

[XS-5716] – SA – edit sensitivity analysis after timeout

[XS-5729] – tblDownholeSeparators.dat was not created in MakeFiles

[XS-5730] – Incorrect format of bracketed fields in tblFailures portion of dbMods

[XS-5736] – Locale phrases were not included in the 2.10.0 release

[XS-5738] – Group Status loses selected rows when clicking ‘Action’ menu

[XS-5742] – IPR – Manual input for FBHP is cleared when production depth is changed

[XS-5743] – GL – Chart still appears after bad analysis

[XS-5748] – Dataloads errors ESP seals and downhole separators – 2.10.0 install

[XS-5751] – Add Analytics tables to MakeTableDatFiles.bat and DataLoads.sql

[XS-5755] – Failure Analysis displays unimplemented charts

[XS-5758] – Incorrect tables in ImportWell scripts

[XS-5778] – Configure Host Alarms From History Graph Issue

[XS-5790] – Cherry-pick XS-5785 FacilityStatus StateID issue into 2.10.0

[XS-5791] – ESP – Remove all coefficients from Theta provided pumps on upgrade

[XS-5819] – Correct floating point buffer for Smarten controller – 38802

[XS-5847] – Change phrases used in Host Alarms notifications

[XS-5854] – Fix reliability issue with restart of services from client

[XS-5858] – Cherry-pick into 2.10.0 XS-5834 (Facility Status unnecessary group query initially executes)

[XS-5859] – Cherry-pick into 2.10.0 XS-5835 (Facility Status does not show the individual host alarm for a facility tag)

[XS-5861] – Cherry-pick into 2.10.0 XS-5833 (Facility Status query timeout on large group of assets)

[XS-5883] – Group Status – parameters fail to display values

[XS-5888] – Client Crash when a group is selected and then the user clicks History Graph

[XS-5898] – Cherry-pick into 2.10.0 XS-5836 (Facility Status – need to be able to acknowledge host alarms)

[XS-5901] – HostAlarm PushEnabled code needs to be reverted to not null data type.

[XS-5908] – IPR – remove tab’s dependency on tblWellDetails

[XS-5924] – Merge XS-5845 into 2.10.0 (Concho – Creating Host Alarms Crashes Client With Custom POCType)

[XS-5929] – Setpoints Synchronize All returns incorrect values

[XS-5930] – Merge XS-5890 into 2.10.0 (stateid text not showing up in group status with facility tag)

[XS-5931] – XS-5930 – Merge XS-5890 into develop (stateid text not showing up in group status with facility tag)

[XS-5934] – DBMods Error with SQL Server 2008 R2

[XS-5938] – Scheduler crashes and restarts every 30 minutes – XDIAG SQL CE error

[XS-5939] – DataLoads script removes all stateid’s lower than 500 and reloads them.

[XS-5940] – Reading long with scale factor results in 0

[XS-5963] – Cherry-pick restart services issue XS-5854




[XS-5210] – ESP – Add ability to import specific test curves without creating a new pump

[XS-5352] – ESP – Display missing inputs on Pressure Profile

[XS-5365] – ESP – Refresh pump cache after updating custom pump

[XS-5596] – Integrate Latest XDIAG DLL into XSPOC Server

[XS-5718] – SA – Update Well Test Layout

[XS-5880] – Web Services: Stop inserting duplicate pushIDs to tblPushIDs

[XS-5882] – Web Services: Add support for enabling or disabling pushes at the server level

[XS-5891] – optionally remove the value from stateid’s in the facility status screen

[XS-5895] – Create UI and task to allow a well to be demand scanned continuously

New Features

[XS-5270] – GL – Add System parameters to control analysis granularity

[XS-5275] – AL – Display the analysis status similar to Card Viewer

[XS-5289] – IPR – Disable Bubblepoint Pressure input for Vogel and Fetkovich

[XS-5541] – AL – Include option to ignore zero values in analysis

[XS-5851] – AL – Create backing table for CurveSetType


[XS-5358] – ESP – Update ESP pump database from catalogs

[XS-5771] – Update tblSchedule

Build 57 Update – Updated 1/30/2020


XS-6596 – Web Services Runtime Errors, missing ToString method
XS-6562 – Web Services Crashing
XS-6601 – Axis Camera not properly display
XS-6519 – Fixed Real time Trends To Display Decimals
XS-6540 – Cloning Facility Tags Fails If No Facility tags exist already
XS-6557 – Expanded Alarm display on SSI Well status
XS-6538 – SSI controller – convert non-standard units on status screen