Bug Fixes

[XS-5663] – Edit RenameNodeID.sql Script To Update The Name Field In tblFacilityTags

[XS-5677] – IPR – Tab crash on POCType 72 || 74 ( Plunger Lift )

[XS-5685] – Analysis buttons enabled when no well test selected

[XS-5716] – SA – edit sensitivity analysis after timeout

[XS-5729] – tblDownholeSeparators.dat was not created in MakeFiles

[XS-5730] – Incorrect format of bracketed fields in tblFailures portion of dbMods

[XS-5736] – Locale phrases were not included in the 2.10.0 release

[XS-5738] – Group Status loses selected rows when clicking ‘Action’ menu

[XS-5742] – IPR – Manual input for FBHP is cleared when production depth is changed

[XS-5743] – GL – Chart still appears after bad analysis

[XS-5748] – Dataloads errors ESP seals and downhole separators – 2.10.0 install

[XS-5751] – Add Analytics tables to MakeTableDatFiles.bat and DataLoads.sql

[XS-5755] – Failure Analysis displays unimplemented charts

[XS-5758] – Incorrect tables in ImportWell scripts

[XS-5778] – Configure Host Alarms From History Graph Issue

[XS-5790] – Cherry-pick XS-5785 FacilityStatus StateID issue into 2.10.0

[XS-5791] – ESP – Remove all coefficients from Theta provided pumps on upgrade

[XS-5819] – Correct floating point buffer for Smarten controller – 38802

[XS-5847] – Change phrases used in Host Alarms notifications

[XS-5854] – Fix reliability issue with restart of services from client

[XS-5858] – Cherry-pick into 2.10.0 XS-5834 (Facility Status unnecessary group query initially executes)

[XS-5859] – Cherry-pick into 2.10.0 XS-5835 (Facility Status does not show the individual host alarm for a facility tag)

[XS-5861] – Cherry-pick into 2.10.0 XS-5833 (Facility Status query timeout on large group of assets)

[XS-5883] – Group Status – parameters fail to display values

[XS-5888] – Client Crash when a group is selected and then the user clicks History Graph

[XS-5898] – Cherry-pick into 2.10.0 XS-5836 (Facility Status – need to be able to acknowledge host alarms)

[XS-5901] – HostAlarm PushEnabled code needs to be reverted to not null data type.

[XS-5908] – IPR – remove tab’s dependency on tblWellDetails

[XS-5924] – Merge XS-5845 into 2.10.0 (Concho – Creating Host Alarms Crashes Client With Custom POCType)

[XS-5929] – Setpoints Synchronize All returns incorrect values

[XS-5930] – Merge XS-5890 into 2.10.0 (stateid text not showing up in group status with facility tag)

[XS-5931] – XS-5930 – Merge XS-5890 into develop (stateid text not showing up in group status with facility tag)

[XS-5934] – DBMods Error with SQL Server 2008 R2

[XS-5938] – Scheduler crashes and restarts every 30 minutes – XDIAG SQL CE error

[XS-5939] – DataLoads script removes all stateid’s lower than 500 and reloads them.

[XS-5940] – Reading long with scale factor results in 0

[XS-5963] – Cherry-pick restart services issue XS-5854




[XS-5210] – ESP – Add ability to import specific test curves without creating a new pump

[XS-5352] – ESP – Display missing inputs on Pressure Profile

[XS-5365] – ESP – Refresh pump cache after updating custom pump

[XS-5596] – Integrate Latest XDIAG DLL into XSPOC Server

[XS-5718] – SA – Update Well Test Layout

[XS-5880] – Web Services: Stop inserting duplicate pushIDs to tblPushIDs

[XS-5882] – Web Services: Add support for enabling or disabling pushes at the server level

[XS-5891] – optionally remove the value from stateid’s in the facility status screen

[XS-5895] – Create UI and task to allow a well to be demand scanned continuously

New Features

[XS-5270] – GL – Add System parameters to control analysis granularity

[XS-5275] – AL – Display the analysis status similar to Card Viewer

[XS-5289] – IPR – Disable Bubblepoint Pressure input for Vogel and Fetkovich

[XS-5541] – AL – Include option to ignore zero values in analysis

[XS-5851] – AL – Create backing table for CurveSetType


[XS-5358] – ESP – Update ESP pump database from catalogs

[XS-5771] – Update tblSchedule

Build 57 Update – Updated 1/30/2020


XS-6596 – Web Services Runtime Errors, missing ToString method
XS-6562 – Web Services Crashing
XS-6601 – Axis Camera not properly display
XS-6519 – Fixed Real time Trends To Display Decimals
XS-6540 – Cloning Facility Tags Fails If No Facility tags exist already
XS-6557 – Expanded Alarm display on SSI Well status
XS-6538 – SSI controller – convert non-standard units on status screen

Build 63 Update – Updated 3/23/2020


Data history staging table issue
Remove locks on tblStates and tblParameters tables
Rockwell controller upload / download equipment data.
SSI controller – convert non-standard units on status screen
Duplicate Facility Tag error when trying to clone multiple Facility Tags With The Same Tag Address But With A Different Bit
Fixed Real Time Trends To Display Decimals
Axis Camera Not Properly Displaying or Disappearing
Fixed Value Change Host Alarm Label On The Asset Status Screen
Minimizing a Mobotics Camera View throws System Exception
WellView crashes when trying to get MajorVersion.
Update StateID=46
When viewing SMARTEN LIVE, choosing another asset in the tree may cause client crash
DataLoads should delete all unlocked data from tblAlarmConfigByPOCType, not just POCType 21
Add bamboo build number for service pack to clientscreen