To accurately produce your quote, an INFO.EC file will be needed. Email the file to Jody.Banducci@apergy.com. Below are the instructions needed to complete this process.



For XSPOC Versions 2.5.0 through 3.0.0:

Please provide the EC file from your XSPOC system by following these instructions – Restart the XsServer service, find the info.ec file in the XSPOC directory and send it on to jody.banducci@apergy.com.


For XSPOC Versions 2.4.0 or older:

Send a screenshot of the total node count.  Open the XSPOC Client and click on the “All” group within the tree on the left side.  It will show the TPTAL wells at the bottom on the left and the date on the right.  We need a screenshot that includes the bottom taskbar with the Total, Active, and Inactive counts and the date.


If you would like assistance with either of these tasks, please create a Support Case by emailing support.gotheta@apergy.com  to schedule a meeting to help locate the EC file or view the total node count.