Apergy Energy Automation’s Theta Oilfield Services developed XSPOC to provide a comprehensive smart automation, optimization and lift analysis system specifically for the oilfield.  Developed with the user in mind, XSPOC gives well management personnel a powerful, streamlined analysis and optimization experience. As a result, many of the largest oil and gas producers in the world rely on XSPOC to monitor, control, and analyze their wells.

The XTOOLS software lets you quickly calculate important pump system parameters to arrive at a more optimized system. The software works in unison with other Theta offerings, including XROD, RODSTAR and XDIAG, to provide detailed suggestions regarding the operation of both critical and peripheral system components.

XROD is the fastest way to get high-quality rod pumping system designs with minimal effort. The program uses sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to provide you with the most accurate and best designs for non-deviated rod pumping systems.

XDIAG diagnostic and analysis software combines state-of-the-art pattern recognition technology with accurate wave equation diagnostic modeling to deliver expert analysis of deviated and vertical rod pumping systems.

The XANIMATE series of education animations lets you understand how your rod pumping system works, at a level of detail that was not previously possible.

The software incorporates nearly 40 animations used in Theta Oilfield Services rod pumping schools to give you a downhole perspective on a range of pump and pumping system conditions, including:

XBAL is the industry’s premier counterweight balancing software for pumping units. Through the use of Expert System Logic, XBAL makes the necessary calculations to properly balance your pumping units, before you do any costly and unnecessary field work. The software gives you the recommendations you need to properly balance each unit, without taking a single field measurement.

RODSTAR is the industry’s premier design and simulation software for deviated and vertical rod pumping systems.