Parameter Trending

  1. Two Options
    1. Database
      1. SSMS
      1. Client
        1. Select Tools>Database>tblParameters
          1. Click on the black “SQL” button to open the SQL search box
          1. If the POCType and Address is known…
            1. Type POCType=### and Address=######
            1. Click the Red Exclamation Mark above your SQL statement or the green refresh arrows below your SQL statement
              1. In the row that displays below:
                1. Check Status Scan
                1. Enter CollectionMode equal to…
                  1. 0 – for No Collection
                  1. 1 – Daily
                  1. 2 – Daily – Offset Date
                  1. 3 – for Every Scan
                  1. 4 – for No Collection When Not Running
                1. Explanations of Collection Mode
                  1. 1 =  intended to have on record per day, with date stamp (no time) at time of insert
                  1. 2  =  same as above, but subtract one day, better for daily summarized data after gauge-off
                  1. 3  =  insert every scan, with date and time stamp…handled in scanner routines
                  1. 4  =  if the run status has the text Shutdown in it, it will not send data to data history. Otherwise, it acts just like a 3 and will trend every scan.
    1. Client
      1. Select Well
      1. Asset>Register Panel
      1. Locate the address to trend
        1. Select an address from the Registers List
          1. Scroll through the list until you locate the address
          1. Or, type in a text description to locate the address in the “Registers” row in the client
      1. Click on the address you want to trend
        1. Right Click
        1. Select Configure Address
          1. Click “OK” on the Warning Dialogue box
          1. Confirm that you have correct address
            1. Check Status Scan on the Scanning Data Collection Tab
            1. Click the Data Collection Drop down.
            1. From the pick list select your choice
              1. No Collection
              1. Daily
              1. Daily – Offset Date
              1. Every Scan
              1. No Collection When Not Running
            1. Click on Save
            1. Click OK on the Save Changes dialogue box.
  • Restart the XS Server Service after completing changes for them to take effect.