XSPOC 3.1 Release Notes

XSPOC 3.1 Release notes 3/9/2021
One of the most advanced and exciting algorithms in 3.1.0 is the autonomous idle time setpoint optimization.

RODSTAR Release Notes

RODSTAR 2020 Rel 1: New and updated pumping units New and updated rod grades Improvements made to minimum and maximum axial loads calculations to help some problem deviated cases Improvements made to automatic-batch option with better logging to help with running more...

New Webinars Added

We here at Theta know the difficulty with training. There is the travel (can’t right now due to Covid-19) with all the plane costs.

Do your ESPs keep you up at night? – Webinar

Do your ESPs keep you up at night? Are you waiting for that next surge of sand to enter the intake and lock up your pumps? What about that gas breaking out as you dip below the bubble point pressure, but you’re not sure when to switch over to PID mode? What if I told...

Dialer Spam calling

If the Dialer is constantly calling you for an alarm, first try to acknowledge the alarm. If you can not you can enter a date into tbleDialerLog to stop the dialer from calling. If done in SSMS select * from tblDialerLog where  ISNULL(ProcessDate,1) = 1 update...


Oil & Gas Product News – Press Release

Oil & Gas Product News – Press Release

Apergy Corporation announces the launch of XSPOC 3.0, the latest release of its production optimization software. This release provides a number of powerful updates to the XSPOC platform, enabling set point optimization of rod lift wells and Artificial Intelligence...

XSPOC 3.0 Release Notes

XSPOC 3.0 Release Notes

Application Enhancements: ESP Data Analytics – New product that utilizes data analytics and historical ESP data to identify operating conditions like gas interference, a plugged stage, or a broken shaft. Rod Pump Setpoint Optimization – New capability that analyzes...