On 2/27/2021 the Theta LOOKOUT Team will be performing server patching maintenance.


Services Affected During Maintenance

Lookout web application and client server

Maintenance Countdown








Maintenance Window (CST time zone)

2/27/2021 @8:00 pm – 2/27/2021 @12:00 am (*CT*) UTC -0600

Duration(hrs.): 4

Patching Process:

Azure Update Management is used to apply patches
Patches will be manually applied to servers not using Azure Update Management
Assume all servers will be re-booted during the patch window
If a patch fails, an attempt will be made to manually apply patches as long as there is time during the window
Any patch failures will be remediated with a second follow-up patching window.

Contact LOOKOUT support should you experience any issues with the client, mobile, or web application after the patching maintenance is complete.