Missing parameters for Weatherford WellPilot RPC

Theta ForumsCategory: XSPOCMissing parameters for Weatherford WellPilot RPC
Adam PecharichAdam Pecharich asked 1 year ago


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Bobby BlighBobby Bligh Staff answered 1 year ago

Adam, we do not have these parameters in our current documentation from Weatherford. Do you have an updated Modbus map from Weatherford? You can add any parameters to tblParameters for POCType=16 (RPC Weatherford Well Pilot) but how they will work depends on how you plan on using them. Do you plan to use them as Setpoints, or with some other implementation.

Adam PecharichAdam Pecharich replied 1 year ago

I have requested an updated modbus map. The plan is to use them as setpoints. I was able to follow Andrew’s directions through chat and manually add the parameters in tblParameters

Bobby BlighBobby Bligh Staff answered 1 year ago

Sounds good Adam. Please let us know if you have any further questions.